Audio Books (Boston and London Editions)

Like all good Awakenings and revolutions, the Great Awakening and the American Revolution started with a good conversation. But when and with whom did that good conversation start? 

New England Transcendentalism started somewhere, but where and how? The seed of civil disobedience was planted by someone in Massachusetts, but by who and why? 

In the polemic spirit of Jane Anger’s The Protection for Women we publish The Worming of America as a rebuttal to Joseph Swetnam’s novel published in 1615 titled, The Arraignment of Lewd, Idle, Forward, and Unconstant Women: Or the Vanity of Them, Choose You Whether: With a Commendation of Wise, Virtuous and Honest Women: Pleasant for Married Men, Profitable for Young Men, and Hurtful to None

Our author Autumn Leaf, in the spring of 1650 Boston, shares her thoughts, her joy, and her pain with you, the listener, as she discusses her own, and her Boston classmates’, “good-work” before they go to the execution of Marv Dyer. Our American journey will be filled with ups and downs / twists and turns – where our own ideas of civilization, religion, sin, debt, and humanity are questioned. 

The sun will shine tomorrow even as you listen to this dark comedy, and for better or worse the truth will be felt and laid bare in the American sunlight. Not because we live within our Fathers’ Age of Reason, no…quite the opposite. The Worming of America will be heard in the modern day, and beyond, because America now lives in the age of treason.