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The very appearance of the book in white cover seemed so scaring to me as I thought it would take me months to finish reading it, let alone writing a review of this tome! But believe me, I did not have to read the book, the book made me read itself, that too in bated breath. And, to my utter amazement, I could not stop till I finished it, in just seven days. And I was left with a feeling of perturbation, mingled with a heretofore-unknown feeling of seeing a different history unfolding before my eyes, before my sensibilities, in hurried succession. Finishing the book, I found myself in a pool of tears. A reviewer should not be emotionally moved, s/he has to be just, clear and analytical in approach. I wiped off my tears and got down to write a review dispassionately! I do not know why I was being reminded of Jane Anger’s Her Protection for Women all the time and also Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter.

This is a tale narrated by Autumn Leaf, who is in reality, Susan Hutchinson, the daughter of Anne Hutchinson. In 1650, the year of Free Grace Controversy, Anne had been banished by the Puritans from the colonies for her religious beliefs. They had come from England and Susan’s mother believed in Christ and Christ only. Free Grace believed in the eternal life a person was entitled to enjoy all his/her lifetime only by pinning one’s faith in Christ. Naturally, the Puritan Church was going to take a secondary position. And that was why, Anne had been killed along with her family members for her religious creed. Anne’s successor Susan was taken a prisoner and had to live a precarious life with the indigenous tribe, Lenape, till she could make a comeback to her own land. Susan opposed to her mother’s oppressors. She could not come to terms with the society, which demeaned the idea of Free Grace! Autumn Leaf alias Susan was utterly heartbroken to witness the hanging of Mary Dyer, who was another deviant from the so-called religious faith and its practice.

Now a few areas are focused, which are sure to win our attention!”